MMUnicode-Embed [WP-Plugin]


– Support MON3 Anonta 1 Font
– Support Fixed CSS force if you don’t know about CSS

Setting > MMUnicode Embed

မွန်စာ ရှမ်းစာ တို့ကို Mon 3 font ဖြင့် အသုံးပြုပါ။ iPad , iPhone တို့တွင် font embed မြင်ရမည်။ Android Firefox တွင် လည်း မြင်ရမည်။

Font embed အတွက် mmwebfonts ကို အသုံးပြုထားသည်။

*need to fix typo error in setting 🙂

mon 3 font with Google Nexus 7

By saturngod

Mobile and Web Developer


  1. Hi bro saturngod.
    Thanks for developing mmunmicode embed wp plugin.
    This plugin relieves my headache between unicode and zawgyi war.
    Do you have idea to update the plugin with more useful fonts such as Notosans,pyidaungsu etc.
    And I would like to ask you something.
    In my website, I used both beautiful english fonts together with mm unicode.
    Some of English fonts are like icons ,so they can’t be replaceable .
    When I activate mm unicode plugin ,all the icons and beautiful English fonts are gone.
    Is there any solution to see both Eng and mm font simultaneously or can you update in new version?

    Thank you .

    1. Please don’t use force CS. Directly change in your template CSS file. For the font daily , it will like

      font-family: Arial , Zawgyi-One;

      if it’s like that , you can see english font with Arial and Myanmar font with Zawgyi-One.

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